Daily Archives: February 29, 2016

Recent news is filled with stories about the new tech boom in San Francisco and the resulting astronomical rental prices. Then, there’s the promise of the America’s Cup for short-term leases at sky-high prices. What’s really in the wind for San Francisco landlords? How do you chart the right course now and in the future? As a long-term San Francisco landlord and forward-looking investor, here’s some perspectives: 1) In the rental market, what you read is old news. This spring’s bubble of high demand and even higher rents is now starting to fizzle. For landlords, it’s time to get realistic about what you can expect in rents, and what renters expect from you. 2) You can’t expect quality tenants if you don’t provide quality. The tech-savvy tenants who can afford the high rents are looking for sleek, sophisticated surroundings that include the latest technology. Wires are out. Smart apartments with...Read More→

The SF Rental Market – Bubble, Fizz, or Pop