For Landlords

Leasing Agent and Landlord – The winning combo

With over twenty-five rental units and over twenty years as a successful leasing agent, rentals in SF has built a reputation for helping landlords find qualified tenants. The owner, Jackie Tom, combines her experience as a San Francisco multi-unit property landlord with her extensive insight and knowledge of the rental market. Her can-do attitude can help you navigate through San Francisco’s rent control laws to find a winning solution together.

Getting your rental property work for you

Jackie strives to keep your vacancy rates low while maximizing your rents. She will partner with you to find your ideal tenant and has a team that accurately appraises your unit, performs background checks and finds you the best qualified tenant available.

A reputation for success

As the top leasing agent is San Francisco, it’s no coincidence Rentals In SF has been selected a 3-time winner of the SFAA Independent Owner of the Year and Leasing Agent of the Year awards. Jackie’s combination of insight, and understanding of the rental market has provided scores of happy landlords practical advice and guidance.

Go with the agent you can trust

The San Francisco rental market is easy to navigate when you have the right connections and resources. As an added benefit, Rentals In SF’s client service goes beyond just filling vacancies. We take an advocate approach to servicing all our clients. When you need a leasing agent as your partner, call Jackie at 415-699-3263. You’ll be glad you did.

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