Tenants FAQs

What if I missed the showing listed on the site. Can I still see the apartment?

All apartments are listed on our site until they are rented. Our showing schedule is updated every Monday and Wednesday evening so check back to see if there is another showing available.

Once I apply, when will I hear if I got the apartment?

Response times can vary. Our leasing agents will notify you and provide the time frame for receiving a decision. If we need any further documents, we will contact you through email.

I got another apartment. Can I withdraw my application?

If your situation changes and you are no longer looking for apartments, you can send us an email to let us know. Your application fee may or may not be refunded depending how far we’ve gone in your application process.

Is there any way of knowing what chance I have of getting the apartment?

There is no way to predict who and how many candidates will be applying. We will assure you that every qualified applicant is presented to the landlord for review. Applicants with clean credit, adequate verifiable income and good rental references have the best chances of being selected.

What if I’m self-employed?

If you are self-employed, provide us with your last two years of federal tax returns.

I’m from out of town. Can I apply for the apartment without seeing it?

Unfortunately no. Our policy requires apartments to be seen by every adult 18 years or over that intends to occupy the unit. It is in your best interest to see the apartments so you can experience the environment where you will be living and make the best informed decision.

Does my roommate or spouse need to see the apartment?

Yes. Every adult 18 years or over that intends to occupy the unit must view the apartment before submitting an application.

I have a rental resume and personal bio. Can I add that to the application?

Rental resumes and personal bios are not required, however what we do require is a completed application packet which includes the following: Photo ID, proof of income, our completed online application and application fee.

Do your apartments accept pets?

The pet policy is stated within each unit’s description. For pet friendly units, an additional deposit will be required. Pet resumes are not required. However, if you wish to provide one, feel free to upload it on the rental application page of the website.

Can I apply for multiple apartments?

Not at the same time. Because of this, we encourage our applicants to choose very carefully.

If I don’t get the apartment I applied for, can I look for another one?

Yes. If you completed our application process and didn’t get the apartment you applied for, we encourage you to look for another that fits your needs. Your original application can be applied to any of our available listings for 30 days. When you find another listing, come and see the apartment. If you are still interested in and let us know and we can transfer you application.