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The San Francisco housing market has been one of the hottest markets for the last four years, despite the steep ever-increasing prices of rental units. From 2012 to 2016, home prices rose 66%, which made buying into the housing market an impossible dream for many. However, the high cost of rentals has led to a never-before seen trend.   Contrary to past trends, 1- and 2-bedroom units today are struggling against the rising popularity of 4- and 5-bedroom units. Soaring prices and changing job markets have shifted the tides of the in-demand market.   Shifting Tides   The job market and ‘cool’ factor of recent years has increased the attraction of the big city for masses of post-college adults aged 24-39. These younger folks often aren’t looking to settle down just yet, but they don’t want to spend $3000-$4000 on housing either. They’d rather spend money on travel and living...Read More→

How Tech is Restructuring the San Francisco Housing Market