Shanendoah Forbes

Shanendoah Forbes

I’ve worked with Jackie for years and it is always a great experience. She consistently comes through for me, and my clients, with efficient performance and excellent tenants. It’s incredible!

We have worked together on many different projects, she is always my first referral for clients looking for a terrific agent. Her effort, knowledge and leasing team are amazing.

Recently, I needed help with some well located rental units. Of course, I called Jackie, who was instrumental in assisting a local investor execute his transaction strategy. After the purchase of a trophy apartment building In San Francisco, we needed to fill some units fast!

Despite the rapidly moving market, she immediately leased our high end units to excellent tenants at great rates. We could not have been more impressed. Her expertise and coordination relieved much of the stress and surpassed our expectations completely.

Her track record says it all. Her company is now working for all of my top clients and many more throughout SF. I’d recommend Jackie to anyone looking for the hardest working agent in San Francisco.